WATCH: Night of SEVERE RIOTING in London after the death of black suspect


There has been a night of heavy rioting in Dalston, London after a protest about the death of black suspect Rashan Charles descended into violence on the streets.

Charles’ death a week ago has now been referred to the IPCC, with the organisation saying that more details will be made available when ‘appropriate,’ but in the meantime the protest quickly spiralled into a variety of acts of criminality.

According to The TelegraphSeveral people have been arrested after protesters, angry at the death of a man following a police chase, barricaded a road and threw bottles at officers amid rising tensions.

Wheelie bins, mattresses and debris blocked part of Kingsland Road in east London, where crowds gathered in response to the death of Rashan Charles.

Here are some of the videos that have been circulating on social media.

There were reports of mattresses being set on fire to create makeshift blockades, and most concerning of all was the fact that police officers were pelted with missiles and generally attacked.

The very people whose job it is to keep Londoners safe – a job that has become even more fractious after multiple UK terror attacks so far in 2017.

Would the people who were spotted with Black Lives Matter placards earlier in the day want their movement associated with the ugly scenes that unfolded later in the evening? We think not.

The fact of the situation is that all lives matter, and it was only by the grace of the man/woman upstairs that there wasn’t another fatality last night.

The ugly scenes conjured up harrowing memories of the London Riots of 2011, when shocking scenes hit the streets of the Capital and other major UK cities for a number of summer nights.