WATCH: Painful moment Sturgeon’s joke ends in disaster during interview with Andrew Neil


Awkward Nicola Sturgeon tries to make joke at Andrew Neil’s expense – and it’s a disaster

Andrew Neil said: “The Prime Minister says there won’t be a second referendum on your time table. If she wins and sticks to that, what will you do?”

To which Mrs Sturgeon responded: “Look, let’s give the people of Scotland a chance to have their say in this election on June 8.

“You’ve covered Scottish politics for a long time. I was going to say probably longer than I’ve been alive but that would upset you midway through an interview.”

Shaking his head, Mr Neil said: “Not really, I’d just like you to answer the question.

“What will you do if the Prime Minister does not grant you a referendum?”

Mrs Sturgeon said: “If the SNP win the election on June 8 in Scotland, and I’m taking nothing for granted, but if the SNP win the election, having won the Scottish election last year, then I think that position of the Prime Minister is unsustainable.”

She added: “We’ve seen in the last few days that this is not a Prime Minister who’s very good at holding position when she feels it’s under pressure.

“She’s a Prime Minister that has seemed to perfect the art of the U-turn.”

Mr Neil was absolutely right to put her in place after her joke fell on deaf ears.

Now is not the time to be joking, but instead discussing serious issues such as Brexit and the upcoming general election.

It looks like nobody bothered to tell Nicola Sturgeon this.

The Scottish National Party are set to lose up to 14 seats on June 8th thanks to a Conservative party surge lead by Ruth Davidson.