WATCH: Paul Nuttall urges Farron to ACCEPT Brexit during ITV election debate


UKIP leader, Paul Nuttall clashed with Tim Farron over his parties stance on Brexit

The UKIP leader launched a furious attack on the Liberal Democrat policies regarding a second EU referendum on Brexit.

Senior figures in Mr Farron’s party have said that the British people did not know what they were voting for and we have yet to actually have a referendum on Brexit.

He said: “The bottom line is this: the people have voted. They voted to leave the EU, they voted to leave the single market.

“Tim can cry about it all he wants, but that’s just democracy.”

Tim Farron responded saying voters needed to “keep fighting” to reject Theresa May’s “extreme Brexit” and keep Britain inside the bloc.

Nuttall clashed with Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the SNP saying:

He said: “You’re saying I’m the spokesman for Theresa May, I don’t believe she’ll get the best possible deal for Britain.

“I think she’ll backslide on fisheries, I think she’ll sell out our fishermen once again like a former Tory prime minister did in Ted Heath.

“I think there’ll be some sort of dodgy deal over free movement and I think she’ll capitulate and pay a divorce bill.”

The Conservatives are on track for a historic landslide victory next month, thanks to the majority of UKIP voters switching allegiance in order to keep out Labour, the Liberal Democrats and Scottish National Party.

The Tories will target specific swing seats which have a small labour majority, but large support to leave the European Union.

Mr Slamond, ex-Scottish National Party leader is at risk of his seat falling to the Conservative party.