WATCH: Peston confronts Jeremy Corbyn over denials he met IRA terrorists


Jeremy Corbyn was blasted by TV host Robert Peston over his links with the terrorist organisation known as the IRA

He said: “You explicitly said you’ve not talked with the IRA but your shadow home secretary says that’s not right.”

Corbyn fought back saying: “I have not spoken to the IRA. I have in the past, still do, often meet people from Sinn Fein.”

However, Peston was not finished and suggested some of these figures were part of the terrorist organisation.

He said: “But former convicted IRA terrorists. So why is that not talking with the IRA?”

“I’ve met former prisoners who told me they were not in the IRA,” he said.

“But I have met former prisoners with my eyes open on it on the basis that there had to be a development of a peace process in Northern Ireland.

“I think we should look at the awful period of the Troubles in Northern Ireland and the attempt to get a military solution to those problems as something that we all learn a lesson from.”

Peston then turned the tables and asked Mr Corbyn over his negotiating policy with ISIS:

“You obviously do believe that negotiation talking is obviously important,” he said.

“After the Paris attacks, you said that we needed a more urgent effort to reach the negotiation settlement to the civil war in Syria and the end to the threat from ISIS, that did sound like you would be prepared to talk to ISIS.”

Corbyn replied: “No, I’ve never said I’d talk to ISIS. That’s an implication you have chosen to draw from it. It was not the implication at all.”