Watch: PM SLAPS DOWN Corbyn over his weak defence policy


Theresa May launched an attack towards Jeremy Corbyn over his stance on Trident which he said in private he’ll scrap

The Prime Minister targeted the Labour leader over his views over Trident.

She added: “I think people were shocked to hear that in public the lead of the opposition appeared to support Trident, but in private wanted to scrap it.

“It’s only the Conservative party that is clear about retaining our Nuclear deterrent.

“And in the case of the leader of the opposition, it appears he says one thing to the many, and another to the few.”

The House of Commons erupted following the swipe from Mrs May with many MPs jeering.

Mr Docherty said: “As Member for Aldershot, the home of the British Army, I was deeply alarmed to hear the reported announcement made by the leader of the opposition whilst at Glastonbury festival.

“That he, if in power, would abandon Trident, utterly undermine the security and safety of our country.”

Mr Corbyn is not only a danger to the country but a liar too.

As Mrs May said, he says one thing to the many and something else to the few!

Frankly, if Corbyn was PM we should all fear for our safety.

I haven’t even started to take into account Diane Abbott being the one leading the fight against terrorism.

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