WATCH: Police remove voters from Catalan Independence polling stations in ‘EU-style democracy’


Disgusting scenes on video have emerged from Spain where voters have been taking to the polls in Catalonia to decide whether or not the Southern region should become independent of the rest of Spain.

Unfortunately, this display of democracy has already been classed as ‘illegal’ by the Spanish government, and now the shocking footage is spreading online with many people saying that it is ‘typical’ of how democracy is now being handled in the modern European Union.

While the exact circumstances behind the violent scenes are not yet known, surely there is no place for it in a developed nation such as Spain.

It is the sort of imagery that usually appears on the news during coverage of elections in a war-torn third-world nation where allegations of corruption and rigging are rife.

Surely the whole concept of democracy is that people need to be given the right to make their own minds up when it comes to huge issues such as Catalan independence.

The political elite in Spain has already made it clear that a ‘yes’ vote would be an incredibly unpopular decision, and 2016 made it perfectly clear that ‘incredibly unpopular decisions’ are now a speciality of the ‘little people’ who decide to rise up and take on the Big Boys of the establishment.

Therefore, surely Spain are only calling this referendum ‘illegal’ because they are afraid of the wrong outcome.

Believe us when we say that given half a chance, the Remoaning elite of Britain would have  made our referendum illegal as well!


It remains to be seen whether a ‘yes’ vote for Catalan independence would ever be recognised by the rest of the country, and indeed whether or not an independent state would be part of the European Union.

However, this display of police brutality at the polls is sending out an incredibly dangerous message.

It is saying that the authorities are prepared to violently clamp down on a democratic process, and we are grateful to Leave.EU for broadcasting the images.

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