WATCH: Question Time Labour supporters SHAME their OWN PARTY


Labour supporters in the BBC Question Time audience slammed their own party, saying they are a “disgrace”.

Labour are currently 21 points behind the Conservative Party in the polls and are set to lose heartland seats in the forthcoming general election.

One member of the audience slammed Len McCluskie’s claim that Corbyn isn’t ruled by his ego, and said: “Essentially the Labour party has turned into a cult of personality and it’s an absolute disgrace.

“It’s all very well standing by policies such as wanting to support our NHS but if you’re never going to get elected, it’s completely pointless.

“I’m a paid-up Labour party member and it’s an absolute disgrace to see the state of Labour at the moment.”

Another Labour supporter said: “The Labour Party is a total disgrace – it’s not doing the job it’s being paid for, nor is Jeremy Corbyn.”

Another woman even asked whether it was “time that David Miliband came back”, which would mark a shocking turn of events for the party.

Theresa May’s decision to call a snap general election which will take place on the 8th June came with perfect timing.

Many view Jeremy Corbyn as unelectable.

However, Mrs May has been on record saying the Conservative campaign will not be “complacent”.

Theresa May could take 58 Brexit-backing Labour seats.

Many Labour seats in the north of England have very small majorities compared to the Brexit vote where leave had a significant lead.

Jeremy Corbyn’s hopes of clinging onto these swing seats are dependent on his leadership and positive Brexit policies, which are pretty much non-existent.

Could this be the end of Corbyn and a significant opposition?