WATCH: Radio caller DESTROYS Jeremy Corbyn with one word, and Nigel Farage is in hysterics


Nigel Farage was hosting his regular LBC Radio call-in show when a caller managed to destroy the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn with a single word, and it left Farage in hysterics.

The host was leading a debate about comments made by Corbyn where the leader of the opposition didn’t confirm that he would have ordered the sort of drone strike that killed ‘white widow’ and ISIS recruiter Sally Jones.

It’s another classic piece of radio.

According to a report in The Express:

Farage turned to a caller to ask what he thought the Labour Party leader should do if he was Prime Minister when Ken delivered a hilarious response.

The former Ukip leader asked: “What would you expect, in a couple of years time, Corbyn is prime minister, what would the right thing for him to do as the British prime minister in your opinion?”

The caller snapped back with a decisive one-word answer. “Resign,” Ken said.

Farage was left in stitches giggling away following Ken’s quick witted response.

To be fair, we couldn’t have put it any better ourselves!

One of the biggest criticisms of Corbyn is that he is a well-known pacifist, and there have been a number of occasions in the past when he has hinted that he wouldn’t be prepared to take ‘offensive military action’ if required.

This is of course all ‘fantasy politics,’ but the fact remains that anyone in charge of the United Kingdom would have to be someone who would authorise necessary military measures if ‘push came to shove.’

While there is nothing necessarily wrong with pacifism, the fact remains that we live in a world full of leaders who seem to be anything but. Some will argue that Trump’s current attitude towards North Korea is too far in the other direction, but his reason for this is that he has chosen to talk in the only language that Kim Jong-un understands.