WATCH Remoaner MP Anna Soubry make ‘a total fool’ of herself by trying to block Brexit again


The Conservative MP Anna Soubry is developing a reputation for making ridiculous Remoaner comments in an attempt to somehow disrupt or even block the Brexit process, and her latest remarks have been called out by Leave.EU and Westmonster.

In a video that has been shared on Facebook, Soubry is seen accusing the ruling Conservative party of being ‘in hock’ to a number of external Brexiteers that are somehow pulling the strings of those who are actually in power.

We can only assume that she is referring to high-profile political figures like Nigel Farage who orchestrated the winning Vote Leave campaign from ‘the wings’ and also business figures like Arron Banks, himself one of the founders of Leave.EU.

Take a look:

Leave.EU also commented:

WATCH | Anna Soubry making an absolute fool of herself.

“The Party is in hock to 35 Brexiteers who are not Tories. It’s time Theresa May slung ’em out because they’ve taken down Major, they’ve taken down Cameron, two great leaders.”

Her meandering Brexit blocking could not get more farcical.

Westmonster reported:

“It’s about time Theresa stood up to them and slung ’em out,” she continued.

“They took down Major, they took down Cameron – two great leaders, neither of whom stood up to them and the time has come for the moderates the centrists in the Conservative Party, dare I use the expression, to ‘take control’ (sic) of our party and make it the centrist sensible moderate one nation party that its voters and actually I think it’s members are.”

The comparison to the John Major situation makes these remarks all the more ridiculous – the current state of affairs is a thousand times more significant than the events leading to the downfall of Major in 1997!

We are not talking about a mere change in government – we are talking about the direction of the entire country after March 2019 both internally and externally.

The most concerning thing about Soubry and other prominent political figures who keep speaking out against Brexit is that it has already been established that Brexit is happening, come what may.

Therefore, while it is bad enough to see Labour and Liberal Democrat politicians getting on their ‘high horse’ about why Brexit is bad, it is infinitely worse for a member of the ruling government to peddle the same dangerous remarks as it undermines the work that her own party is doing to take Britain out of the European Union.