WATCH: Remoaner Sir Vince Cable gets SLAMMED on live radio by angry business owner


One of the United Kingdom’s most famous Remoaners Sir Vince Cable has been hilariously slammed live on LBC Radio by an angry business owner about his famous attempts to frustrate the Brexit process.

It’s well worth a watch, and the clip has already had more than 2000 likes on the Leave.EU Facebook page.

They also made the point that politicians like Cable are holding Britain back, and we couldn’t agree more – especially after seeing him take part in the anti-Brexit march in London last weekend!

He used the interview to state yet again that he believes that the Leave vote could be overturned in another referendum.

The caller blasted: “You and your friends, your politicians are getting in the way.

“We’re happy with the British people saying we’re going to leave Europe. We’ll do business together but you’re muddying the waters.

“They’ve decided they’re going, accept it, it’s done let us get on with our business you’re costing people jobs, costing this country money.”

Cable replied: “If you’re doing business with the EU you’re operating under the rules of the single market, there’s the possibility in a couple of years time that you’re going to go through a massive upheaval because these rules don’t apply.

“Many companies are deeply alarmed by the massive uncertainty.

However, the caller was having none of it, and he said: “Simply not true we’ll trade under WTO rules, we’ll trade under any rules, we’ll make money and make a success.”


As expected, the comments on the Leave.EU Facebook page get straight to the point.

Quite right. We think that Steve means ‘corrupt’ here in the sense that their love of the EU will only be because it serves their own selfish purposes and nobody else’s.

We have made this point on a number of occasions. All of these attempts by politicians to frustrate, disrupt and derail Brexit can only damage Britain in the long term.

We have to agree with this point about leaders of the Liberal Democrats. Nick Clegg was so far out of touch with the real world that he genuinely believed that he could scrap tuition fees.

Let’s be fair – how many of us were surprised to hear that the Liberal Democrats are still a thing?

We love this comment! Why not Google ‘Tim Martin Wetherspoons’ to find an example of a businessman whose head isn’t firmly shoved up his own backside when it comes to bashing Brexit and predicting doom and gloom for Brexit Britain.

What does he know? He’s just in charge of one of the country’s largest hospitality businesses.

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