WATCH: Romanian minister DEMANDS BRITISH CITIZENSHIP for Romanians in the UK


The Romanian minister who is their delegate for European Affairs has threatened to block Brexit talks until Britain agrees to give citizenship Romanian residents in the UK.

This comes as the remaining 27 EU states have agreed that all countries must concur on the final Brexit deal.

This could result in 220,000 Romanian immigrants becoming British citizens, and just imagine how that will impact upon our elections.

Mrs May has said that a guarantee for the 1.2 million British expats living in the EU should be provided before any promises are made about the 3 million EU immigrants currently living in the UK.

She told the BBC she: “For Romania, it is very important to fully protect the rights and interests of Romanian citizens in the UK.

“Not just for one year or two but long-term.

“We are not talking about numbers here, we are talking about people’s lives, their future, their hopes.”

The minister also warned that Britain should continue its financial contributions to the union for a free trade deal in return.

It seems to us that the EU does not understand that they need us more than we need them!

As Mrs May has said time and time again “No deal is better than a bad deal” and if the EU continues with such attitude, a ‘no deal’ situation looks to be very much on the table.

Asked about the UKs financial contributions to the EU, she said: “It’s not about being helpful or not. It’s about respecting obligation and fulfilling financial commitments.

“We will act as an honest broker. We will continue to advocate – to act as one in the negotiations, to have a predictable and orderly withdrawal.”