WATCH: Salmond ROASTED over Trump criticism as UK-US Brexit talks rumble on


Alex Salmond has given his opinion on a US-UK trade deal and as always it’s doom and gloom

During an appearance to publicise his Edinburgh fringe show, Mr Salmond said: “I had two years when I couldn’t say anything about him because he was suing the Scottish government.

“Donald is one of those people who sees his development as the most important thing on earth. But anyone else’s development is an inconvenience… He went to court three times in order to delay it and lost three times.

“I probably didn’t help things by texting him, once, twice, three times a loser. I got one of these 2 am in the morning tirades about being a has been and a nobody – and that was before I lost my seat.”

Journalist Afshin Rattansi said: “With Brexit, we now know all the nations of the United Kingdom are going to have to make a trade deal with the United States.

“Is it wise to be willing the antagonism of Donald Trump… on the part of any British politician?”

Mr Salmond replied: “Well, to kind of guess, I don’t think Donald is going to be around as long as it takes to make a trade deal, in my estimation.

“But more told than that, the problems with a trade deal with the United States… Look, because I’m critical of the Donald, and because I’m going to make a few revelations that won’t come as a surprise, it doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s a tough negotiator.

“If the United Kingdom enters into a trade deal with the United States of America from a position of supreme weakness, which is what the position is at the current moment, then the terms of that deal will favour the United States – And Donald Trump, it would be against his entire nature to do anything else.”

He warned “chlorinated chicken would be the least of our worries” when International Trade Secretary Liam Fox attempts to strike a deal with Donald Trump.