WATCH snowflake students accuse Jacob Rees-Mogg of being HOMOPHOBIC


Footage has been posted online of a number of protestors chanting and shouting in the direction of the Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg outside Queen Mary University where he was booked to give a talk to students.

It has been shared in the wake of the recent ‘fracas’ between JRM and protestors in Bristol as yet another example of ‘snowflakes’ who are prepared to embarrass themselves by throwing the same tired clichés at a conservative politician again and again.

On this particular occasion, they were also prepared to brand him as an ‘anti-choice homophobe.’

Surely they could update their repertoire of crazed frothing at some point?

How about ‘Rees-Mogg is a lunatic puppy murderer’ or ‘JRM shot Bambi?’

Here’s a thought. If you are all so dead against aggression and nasty rhetoric in politics, why do you still insist upon turning up whenever a Conservative politician has the nerve to take part in an open and democratic display of politics and screaming blue murder?

Whatever the faults of our current administration may be, surely it has to be better than a country run by these fools?

It is well worth remembering who is at the forefront of this new ‘nasty but nice’ movement as well, the ‘Chuckle Brothers’ of the Labour Party John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn.

McDonnell himself has even used a speech in the past to call for this sort of confrontational idiocy, including the shameful scenes in Bristol last week.

Imagine if that particular scuffle could have turned nastier and even physical. Is it really acceptable for those at the top of Labour to be inciting such behaviour?

It seems that the era for taking on your opponents with reasonable but passionate debate is long gone – just look how those protesting in Bristol spurned Rees-Mogg’s attempts to engage them and allow them to get their point across without sounding like a broken record!