WATCH: SNP and UKIP clash over mass immigration


Paul Nuttall and Nicola Sturgeon clashed on Thursday evening during the ITV leaders debates, blasting each other over mass immigration from the European Union

Speaking on the debate, broadcast on ITV, Mrs Sturgeon said: “The hard reality is our economy needs migration from the EU.

“In Scotland alone, EU migrants contribute £7 billion every year.

“Public services are under pressure. That’s not the fault of migrants, that is the fault of the austerity agenda pursued by the Tories.”

The UKIP leader said his party is the only party committed to cutting immigration to sustainable levels.

“Brexit would never have happened if it wasn’t for UKIP.

“We have taken you so far. Elect Ukip MPs and give us the tools to see this through.”

Green party leader said: “Those people in our country are our lovers, they are our families, they are our plumbers, our doctors.

“They make a vital contribution to our society and the idea that we are going to be a better off society by closing the door to immigrants is just clearly wrong.”

If there is one thing I’ve noticed recently it is that many mainstream political leaders apart from UKIP get confused between immigration and mass uncontrolled immigration.

Many would agree that sustainable levels of immigration based on someone’s skills and attributes would be very beneficial for the country, however, the reality is anything but that.

Nicola Sturgeon tries to make out immigration right now is brilliant, but she isn’t talking about our current situation.

Do you think immigration is too high? How many people should be allowed to come into the UK each year? Let us know in the comment section!