WATCH: The INCREDIBLE moment a Question Time audience member compares Jeremy Corbyn to HITLER


An audience member on BBC’s Question Time show has actually made a public comparison between the leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn and Adolf Hitler.

We love Fridays on Your Brexit as you can pretty much guarantee that the previous night’s broadcast will have a number of major talking points, but we have to admit that this outburst left us open-mouthed!

Usually, making any sort of modern day comparison with Nazi Germany is the easiest way to lose an argument (have a look for Godwin’s Law on Google for proof of this), but this particular guest on the show didn’t really seem to give a toss.

The Labour MP Ian Lavery responded to an accusation that the Labour leadership wants to take Britain back to the early 1900’s and launch some kind of ‘communist revolution.’

According to a report in The Express:

Mr Lavery said: “I think you will find that the general public feels a lot different to you, sir.

“Jeremy now is one of the most popular politicians in this country and has been for many years.

“He attracted tens of thousands of people no matter where he went during the election campaign, simply because he had a message of hope which is an aspiration for everybody in society.”

In a shocking response the man in the front row says: “The person behind me just said ‘so did Hitler’.”


Whoever made this point, they were trying to say that Adolf Hitler was someone who attracted massive crowds of people in a similar manner to the ‘Corbynmania’ that has been witnessed all over the United Kingdom at rallies and speeches.

Regardless of whether this is right or wrong, you have to admire the balls on this guy for broadcasting such a controversial opinion in front of the entire nation, even if he has allegedly taken it from ‘the guy behind him.’

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