WATCH: Theresa May BLASTS Corbyn – He is ‘weak, unstable, nonsensical & floundering’


Mrs May savaged Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour party earlier this week during Prime Minister’s questions, attacking him over the economy, defence and unity.

The Conservative party is on average 20 points ahead of the Labour party who are in second place, according to the polls.

She said: “There are three things a country needs – a strong economy, strong defence and strong stable leadership. That’s what our plans for Brexit and our plans for a stronger Britain will deliver.”

“And that’s what the Conservative party will be offering at this election and we will be out there fighting for every vote.”

“Whereas the right honourable gentleman opposite would bankrupt our economy, weaken our defence and is simply not fit to lead.”

Mrs May called for a snap general election to take advantage of the weak opposition under the Corbyn’s leadership, and to also have a greater mandate when negotiating the terms of Brexit over the next two years.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Mrs May said: “Labour has launched seven Brexit plans. They say conflicting things in the same sentence, let alone an hour or a day or a week afterwards.

“Jeremy Corbyn can’t even persuade 172 of his own MPs to have confidence in him.”

Pleading for unity, she added: “What matters is that we come together and change this country for the future.

“I want to take us beyond this idea of ‘did somebody vote Remain or Leave?’ It’s not about “hard Brexit” and “soft Brexit”. They’re not terms I use.

“The decision has been taken. Let’s just get on with it.”