WATCH: Theresa May DESTROYS the SNP in Parliament for being ‘ALL TALK’


Theresa May grabbed an opportunity in Prime Minister’s Questions today to deliver a damning smackdown to the SNP MPs in the House for being ‘all talk’ when it comes to actually using their power for the good of the people of Scotland.

It was fantastic to see Mrs May step up and slam Nicola Sturgeon’s Westminster Army. Let’s face it – they have more of a reputation for rabble-rousing than actually getting any work done.

Remember when they all sat there and hummed ‘Ode To Joy’ in a direct dig at Brexit? What about their round of applause that was in direct contravention of Parliamentary etiquette?

According to a report in The Express:

Mrs May slammed the Scottish Government after Ochil and South Perthshire MP Luke Graham called on the SNP Government to deliver superfast broadband to the whole of Scotland.

Speaking during PMQs, the Prime Minister said: “I think we all recognise the importance of fast broadband being available to people in our constituencies.

“But he’s absolutely right: the members of the Scottish Nationalist Party come here to Westminster, they spend a lot of time talking about powers for the Scottish Government. it’s time the Scottish Government got on with using its powers for the benefit of the people in Scotland!”

The Prime Minister’s jab at the Scottish MPs was met with cheers from other members of the House of Commons.

Perhaps their poor showing at the 2017 General Election was a sign that the Scottish electorate has wised up to their ‘all mouth’ approach.

The SNP darling Mhairi Black has delivered some very memorable speeches, but the fact remains that from a Westminster perspective the SNP have provided very poor value.

Sturgeon’s constant beating of the Indy drum couldn’t have helped either!