WATCH: Theresa May SLAMMED for Brexit transitional period that NOBODY VOTED FOR


There was yet another classic moment on BBC’s Question Time show on Thursday evening when the Prime Minister Theresa May was attacked by a member of the audience over her proposed Brexit transitional period that ‘nobody voted for.’

It was a very simple but very effective point nevertheless – everyone who voted for Brexit was making a clear statement that it was time for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

He even said: ‘What part of ‘Leave’ don’t you understand?’

At no point was it pointed out in the lengthy and waffling ‘please vote Remain’ official government leaflet tripe that there would be drawn out transitional phase so long-winded that it would give The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy a run for its money!

According to a report in The Express:

Confirming that he is against the Tory policy he criticised Theresa May for her Florence speech to the EU.

The Prime Minister committed the UK to a transitional period predicted to cost between £20billion and £40billion.

The speech had been hoped to help kickstart stalled Brexit negotiations between David Davis and Michel Barnier and get trade talks underway.

The audience member continued: “We hear David Davis talking about progress, there has been no progress whatsoever.”

Tory MP Karen Bradley insisted progress had been made during negotiations but was met with laughter when the only example she was able to cling to was EU medical cards.

She said: “I disagree, there has been progress, for example on European medical cards. But we want to see more progress.”


The ever-reliable host David Dimbleby openly mocked the idea that there has been ‘progress’ in the last 15 months using his trademark sarcastic tone.

That’s what we love about Dimbleby. He is the perfect host for this programme as no matter what side of an argument is in progress, he will identify ‘bullsh*t’ and make a point of showing it.

There were even more laughs later in the programme when fellow panellist and commentator Ayesha Hazarika said that the government was in ‘absolute shambles’ over Brexit.

She said:

“Progress has not been made. I would not trust David Davis to negotiate a Happy Meal quite frankly.”

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