WATCH: Theresa May SLAMS left-wing activists for ‘scaring Tories’ in election campaign


The prime minister Theresa May has launched a furious attack on ‘left-wing activists’ who used vicious and often borderline illegal tactics to scare and intimidate Tory candidates in the general election campaign.

She particularly took aim at those who defaced Tory campaign posters with vile graffiti, including Nazi swastika symbols and sexually motivated crude drawings.

It’s also well worth noting that many of the Conservative candidates who reported this kind of abuse were female.

The irony is almost tasty enough to serve up as a three course meal.

Accusing the ‘nasty party’ of hating this, that and the other is one thing, but what the hell gives anyone the right to fight ‘hate’ with even more hate?

Using Nazi imagery to fight grievances against the right-wing is beyond idiotic.

According to a report in The Express: At the first Prime Minister’s Questions of the new parliamentary session, Tory MP Sheryll Murray raised examples of some of the abuse she suffered when seeking re-election in her South East Cornwall constituency.

Ms Murray said swastikas had been carved into Tory election posters during the campaign.She had received a string of abusive social media messages with comments including “burn the witch”.

In one instance, Labour Party posters had been plastered on the outside of her house.
Ms Murray said in a reference to one of Mr Corbyn’s slogans: “Someone even urinated on my office door – hardly kinder, gentler politics.

“She asked the Prime Minister: “Can you suggest what can be done to stop this intimidation, which may well be putting off good people from serving in this place?”

Mrs May replied: “You are absolutely right to raise this issue and you were not the only person who experienced this sort of intimidation during the election campaign, particularly – I’m sorry to say – this sort of intimidation was experienced by female candidates during the election campaign.

“I believe this sort of behaviour has no place in our democracy and I think you’re right, I think it could put good people off from serving in this House.

“We want more people to become engaged, more people to want to stand for election to this House.

“I think, particularly as I stand here and see the plaque that has been dedicated to the late Jo Cox, we should all remember what Jo said – we are far more united and have far more in common with each other than the things which divide us.”

Democracy has been carried out now. The people voted, the Conservatives came out on top (albeit without the margin that they desired), and the fact remains that for all the bile and nasty tactics Labour lost.

No wonder officials within Labour try and distance themselves from these lunatics whenever possible.

Well, most of them anyway …