WATCH: This is what the NEW UKIP leader has to say about Mrs Mays Brexit plans


Henry Bolton, UKIP leader, has blasted the government’s plans for the UK to leave the EU in name only

Speaking on the Today programme, on BBC Radio 4, Mr Bolton added it was an “assumption” that Britain was quitting the Brussels bloc.

He said: “Working for the European Union at a reasonably senior level, I came to understand its internal workings very well and was not very comfortable with them at all.

“I think that’s a little bit of an assumption that we’re on our way out. We thought we were on our way out and we’d be fully out in March 2019.

“But we’re clearly not going to be. The Prime Minister has made that quite clear that we’re leaving in name only.

“We’ve got a transition period which may be around two years but it hasn’t got an end date to it.

“We’ve got no progress on negotiations of any meaningful sort and it’s not just about leaving the European Union, it is about leaving the European Union in such a way as we launch our country on to a path of prosperity, security and optimism and that’s an ongoing task.”

Well said!

What do you think of the new leader?

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