WATCH: Thornberry GRILLED over Corbyn promise to write off student debt


Emily Thornberry has once again received a grilling over Jeremy Corbyn apparently lying to young voters that he will clear their student debt

The programme’s host, Alex Forsyth, said: “Did Jeremy Corbyn mislead young voters with that suggestion he would deal with historic student debt?”

The shadow foreign secretary replied: “Well, I’m an old-fashioned girl – I went on the manifesto and was in the manifesto meetings, and didn’t just look at the NME to see what amendments there might be to our policy.

“Of course, he didn’t. This is nonsense, this is old-fashioned Tory kicking about, ‘Let’s make up something that we can have a go at the Labour Party about’.”

Forsyth said: “I can see both Nadhim [Zahawi] and [Matt Kelly] raise their eyebrows at me in desperation to interject here.”

Mr Zahawi, Conservative MP for Stratford-on-Avon, added: “On Emily’s point, two of her shadow cabinet ministers both are on a video actually saying we will get rid of tuition fees and the debt because that’s what Jeremy Corbyn will do – it’s not made up.”

It’s hardly surprising that Labour says one thing in an election, but do something else when in government or after they have lost.

It’s happened so many times before it’s become a habit.

Mr Corbyn is a dangerous man for brainwashing the youth into voting for him, led with false promising and hopes.

If only the younger generation knew what Labour stood for under Corbyns leadership.

It sort of makes me miss Ed Miliband, at least he was not a terrorist-sympathiser or a national security threat.