WATCH: Tim Farron loses it as he reveals he’ll QUIT if Lib Dems fail


Sky News host attacked Tim Farron over Lib Dem policy for a second Brexit vote

The Sky News host said this “was an interesting spin to put on the fact that before this election you only had nine MPs, so you start from a very low base”.

She then pointed out: “All that talk of a Lib Dem surge has stalled, hasn’t it? You’ve found out that the majority of people don’t want to see the results overturned

“They don’t want to rerun the referendum again and yet that is effectively what you are offering with this idea of a referendum on the deal where to remain in the EU is an option.

“You put your eggs in the wrong basket here, didn’t you Tim? It has backfired.”

Mr Farron said: “Given that Labour and UKIP voted along with May to choose a bleak destiny, Liberal Democrats say to the British people, we trust you with the final outcome on the deal.

“We’ll give you the opportunity to either accept that deal if you want or to say no thanks, we’ll remain.

“In three weeks it will be too late, this is the last chance saloon.

He added: “Once Brexit moves from the emotional to the practical, I’m quite convinced the Liberal Democrats will be proved without a shadow of a doubt absolutely right.

Ridge asked: “If you fail to increase the number of MPs that you had before the election, would you resign as leader?”

Mr Farron said: “Well of course I take responsibility, I am the leader of the party but this is not about making a tactical calculation.”