WATCH: Tommy Robinson calls Diane Abbott a ‘RACIST’


Appearing on The Rebel TV, Tommy Robinson has made a video where he calls the Labour MP and Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott a ‘racist.’

In the clip, he also explains why he chooses this term, instead of labelling her as a ‘victim’ – the chosen description of the left-wing press.

The video is likely to cause controversy, however The Rebel TV has a rapidly growing following and subscriber base precisely because of videos like this.

Often, their contributors discuss issues here because there are no other media outlets that are prepared to give them airtime.

The message is accompanied by the caption:

Home Secretary Diane Abbott would have you believe she’s the biggest victim of abuse in politics, but the figures show otherwise.

Tommy Robinson exposes her lies, and shows you how she built her career on victimhood, name calling, and racism.  

As far as we can see it, it is up for the public to make their own judgement about some of Abbott’s most memorable sound bites.

Has she merely stood up for black politicians or other black public figures, or has she commented in a way that could promote anemosity towards white members of the public?

She is an incredibly divisive personality, but the fact that people have the freedom to make this judgement one way or the other based on factual evidence is proof that we live in a country where freedom of speech / expression is still very much a fundamental part of life.

Robinson has made his judgement, people will slate him for it and make their own comments, and tomorrow there will be another ‘enemy of the day.’