Wetherspoon boss reveals how UK can OUTSMART Juncker and Nigel Farage AGREES


Speaking to Ngel Farage on his LBC radio show, Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin revealed how the UK can outsmart Juncker and the European Union.

Mr Martin said: “If we don’t sign a deal with the EU, the government has the power to abolish food tariffs which the EU charges on imports from non-EU countries.

“Even some Brexiteers don’t completely understand this. They think if we revert to WTO rules, tariffs automatically apply – that is not correct.

“Parliament has the power to eliminate any tariff it wants to, food or otherwise.

“This automatically means there are no tariffs with the EU either and so we trade tariff-free with the world, and then food prices will come down automatically.”

Mr Martin said: “We import far more than we export, the UK would be better off overall.

“I just think we would be in such a powerful position because we import so much.

“Just imagine what the public would do if the EU unelected oligarchs charged us tariffs, when we weren’t charging them tariffs.

“Would French wine sales go up? I think people would be mad.”

Well said!

Wetherspoon’s boss Tim Martin has mocked the European Union’s Brexit Bill which somehow jumped by £42 billion in a matter of days.

Mr Martin is a strong Leave supporter and firmly believes that a Great Britain outside of the failing European Union is the best option.

He said: “Well we are not going to pay £50billion, so it’s a problem for Juncker.”

The Wetherspoon’s boss then joked and offered to help out European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker and EU leaders by raising money in his pubs.

He said: “I am perfectly happy to do a whip-round in our pubs to raise some money for the EU if they are short.

“Amongst our 900 pubs, we should get enough for a curry club meal deal in Wetherspoon’s for Juncker and his cronies.”

Speaking on ITV1’s Good Morning Britain, Brexit Secretary David Davis said: “We have said we will meet our international obligations, but there will be our international obligations including assets and liabilities and there will be the ones that are correct in law, not just the ones the Commission want … We will not be paying €100 billion.”

The European Union has come under increased pressure from France, Poland and Germany to increase the size of the Brexit bill by an additional £42 billion.

It currently stands at £92 billion. The European Union says that no other negotiations will take place until the bill is paid.

However, the UK is under no legal obligation to pay.

Many would argue that the UK should have a 12% claim to the EU’s assets if we’re going to play that game!

Mr Martin urged the Brexit team to “do nothing” and wait for the EU to come to Britain for a deal.

He said: “If they go rushing out and try and swim against the tide they may not do so well.”

The Wetherspoon’s chief added Britain must be prepared to walk away and rely on World Trade Organisation tariffs to ensure the UK has the best stance.

He said: “I think it will pan out well, providing that the Government doesn’t think that everything depends on the trading agreement with the EU.

The British electorate will go to the polling booths on the 8th June to decide if Thersa May leads the Brexit negotiations, or Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party.