Why Jeremy Corbyn may not be able to STAND next time UK votes


Due to potential boundary changes to constituencies, Mr Corbyns Islington North seat would be under threat thanks to the new proposals.

If the new plans do see the light of day critics have warned that it will be easier for the Conservatives to be elected.

Theresa May would have won a majority of 16 at the last election, had the new boundaries been in play.

Under the new proposals, the Labour leader would have to battle it out with Emily Thornberry as both of their seats would merge to create a larger Islington seat.

The Boundary Commission works on guidelines to cut the number of MPs from 650 to 600.

When the first proposals were laid out last year, Diane Abbott told the Hackney Gazette: “I’m not going to contest the same seat as Jeremy.

“Our population in Hackney is undercounted and that’s a big problem.

“I think it’s a way of targeting Labour voters. The Tories have always been very clear this boundary review is about having less Labour seats.”

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