LIVE POLL: Should Donald Trump be welcomed to the UK with a FULL STATE VISIT?


In tonight’s LIVE POLL, we want to know if you think that Donald Trump should be welcomed to the United Kingdom with a full state visit?

Should Donald Trump be welcomed to the UK with a full state visit?

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A petition to block this historic trip has already received more than 1.6 million signatures, but a growing number of people are coming out and saying that they support the president’s planned state visit.

Although the date hasn’t been confirmed yet, it should be a constructive experience for both the UK and the USA if Theresa May’s recent visit to Washington is anything to go by.

However, perhaps you agree that Trump’s recent approach to Middle Eastern arrivals means that he shouldn’t be given the full state reception that is given to other world leaders.

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Let us know what you think of Trump’s planned state visit at Your views may even be featured in their own blog.


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