LIVE POLL: Should House of Lords be abolished if they BLOCK Brexit Bill


In today’s LIVE POLL, we want to know if you think that the House of Lords should be abolished if peers block the Article 50 Bill that has now been passed by the House of Commons.

Should House of Lords be abolished if they BLOCK Brexit Bill

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Although the bill to give Prime Minister Theresa May the power to activate Article 50 was passed in the House of Commons on Wednesday with a huge majority, the legislation still needs to be passed by the unelected House of Lords before it can become law.

The House of Lords doesn’t have the power to block the bill entirely, but if it doesn’t pass the bill then by parliamentary law the entire process could be delayed by TWELVE MONTHS – this would delay Britain’s Brexit from the European Union until March 2020 at the earliest.

Tim Farron has already said that his Lib Dem peers in the House of Lords will vote against it, and thisĀ could create a tricky situation for the bill’s supporters as only another 30 or so ‘against’ peers would be needed for the bill to be blocked.

There have been many calls in recent years for this unelected chamber to be abolished, and any delays to Brexit could be the final straw.

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