Nick Clegg BACKS BREXIT after seeing damage done to Britain by SNOWFLAKES


The ex-leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg has admitted that he is now a strong supporter of Brexit after witnessing the chaos created by snowflakes all over Britain.

He said that his mind has been changed and he is no longer a passionate fighter for Remain.

Speaking at a press conference this afternoon in London, Clegg added that he will now also be releasing a book called ‘How To Make Sure That Brexit Definitely Happens And Make Great Britain Great Again.’

He added, ‘I have always been a big fan of snowflakes and based my original anti-Brexit stance on the opinions of millions of them across the United Kingdom, but the last 48 hours have showed me that snowflakes are generally evil and hell-bent on causing chaos wherever they go.’

‘Trains have been cancelled, hospitals have been struggling to cope, motorways have been gridlocked, people have been falling over, and the reason? Snowflakes!’

‘I have had a chat with Tony B today, and he now agrees with me that Brexit is the only way forward for the United Kingdom.’

‘A few more days of letting the country be ruined by snowflakes and there won’t be much left.’

‘I have already sent Jean-Claude Juncker a signed photocopy of my bottom, and over the next few days I will be sending similarly powerful messages to everyone else in the EU elite so they know they can all kiss my arse.’

A spokesperson for Tony Blair confirmed that he would be making a statement shortly after coming to a legal agreement with Nick Clegg to form a new Pro-Brexit Taskforce.

He added that an announcement has been delayed as he is having trouble finding a good lawyer.

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