Give Nigel Farage a knighthood NOW you ungrateful bastards


Why the hell doesn’t Nigel Farage have the word ‘Sir’ in front of his name by now?

I’ll tell you why. It’s nothing to do with ‘fear’ or ‘political correctness.’ The fact remains that the establishment is ungrateful.

Ungrateful for Nigel having the cojones to take control of the Vote Leave campaign even though the official ‘leaders’ didn’t initially want anything to do with him.

Ungrateful for Nigel addressing the British people as regular human beings with the ability to think for themselves, instead of Barack Obama who flew over here to treat us like a bunch of fucking three year old children.

Ungrateful for Nigel dedicating the best years of his life to achieving a single, simple political goal, and actually managing it.

You remember when Nigel stood down from the party leadership while saying that he wanted his life back? He wasn’t kidding.

He spent decades being called every name under the sun, and guess what? Britain voted Leave.

He spent decades being portrayed in the media as a cross between Satan, Darth Vader and Oswald Mosley, with a million and one comparisons to Adolf Hitler, and guess what? Britain voted Leave.

Unlike so many other sorry excuses for politicians, Nigel kept it simple and made it perfectly clear that his lifetime’s ambition was to get Britain out of the European Union.

He never changed his mind because it looked ‘a bit tricky’ – he just got the job done with a cigarette in one hand and a pint of ale in the other.

As politicians go, he has fulfilled 100% of what he set out to achieve in life, and his lack of a knighthood is nothing short of a national disgrace.

To cap it all off, he strolled into the European Parliament just after the Brexit vote and gave a speech that basically told the entire chamber to go fuck themselves. That deserved a knighthood in itself.

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