READER COMMENT: Immigration into Britain cannot continue like this


We love it when our readers get in touch and let us know how they feel about the latest Brexit developments, and Carol contacted us to let us know exactly why she feels so strongly against there being another EU referendum.

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Why should we have another referendum?

If the people chose to stay in the EU last year, would they want another referendum?

We managed our own affairs before joining the EU without any problems, and I am sure we can do it again with the right government.

People are sick and fed up with the do gooders in BRUSSELS telling us what we can and cannot do.

How about the need to build more and more houses on green belt land because of immigration?

You only have to listen to these people and they will tell you openly that they love the UK because you get money for this and money for that – it’s diabolical.

Why can’t we be like Australia and only accept people with a profession and money to live on until they find a job?

You only have to look at our prison’s that are full of immigrants that have committed crimes here instead of being deported.

I would also like to know why WALES, SCOTLAND and IRELAND get concessions, like no university fees and no prescription charges – what do we, the ENGLISH get for free?

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